A Logo is a brand identity in itself. A logo should communicate a brand’s message, values, and identity. Designers at The Webdope go through a brainstorming to understand the values, audience, identity and competition of the specific brand and then carefully select the color, font and graphics accordingly. Your logo needs to be easily identifiable at a glance, it should be memorable and timeless.





Elite EdTech


The Mobile Express

Excel Properties


Excel Properties is a real estate company. We have selected specific colors, Symbols and typography and graphics according to the business. The Logo we have created represents the company and the idea and its trends.

Hunger Lobby


Hunger Lobby is an Arabic restaurant whose specialty is serving authentic Arabic Shawarma. While creating the logo we have specifically selected the colors of the brand and incorporated them in highlighting the uniqueness of serving steaming hot authentic Arabic shawarma.

Balasai Net


Balasai is a well-established Web solution provider including Web hosting, domain and specialisation in creating cloud servers hence the elements are carefully selected to highlight brand identity and its speciality.

Charminar Cafe


Charminar Cafe is an Indian cafe brand. The Uniqueness of this brand is to serve Hyderabadi cuisine named after the famous monument Charminar. While creating the logo the complete focus was on representing Hyderabadi cuisine.

Naaz Fashion


The Word “Naaz ” is an Urdu word describing elegance. Naaz fashion is a Clothing brand for ethnic Indian clothes for women. As the brand is associated with princely fabrics While creating the logo similar elements are carefully used.



Detoverse is a car detailing company. To make sure the logo stands out common factors were avoided and complete attention was given to brand identity. Hence brand initials, Brand color, and typography was used to describe the business idea.

Torque Motor Works


Torque motors provide end-to-end solutions for all the Motor needs detailing, modifications and servicing. Elements, color and typography are carefully selected keeping the nature of business in mind.

Salisbury Swiss Cafe


Salisbury Swiss Cafe serves premium vegetarian cuisine with the finest dining experiences known for its elite crowd, creative modern setup and pleasant ambiance all these factors are highlighted in Logo.

Zeo’s Pizza


Zeo Pizza is Pune’s first Pizza & Gaming Bistro quite popular for instant flavourful pizzas.